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12 days of Summer 2022

Expedition Kenya!

Lamu Archipelago

3 day safari

Transplanting one million mangroves with the Kaskazi Environmental Alliance



August 2021:  Surveying the Olive Ridley nests in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.



Join us as we help world famous marine life photographer Jim Abernethy spread his conservation message to children in Riviera Beach.  

Children who can't swim will be taught, those who can will be taught to snorkel, and if they can already snorkel, they will be taught to SCUBA dive.




Join us throughout the summer as we harvest corals from an offshore nursery and transplant them to living reefs in the Florida Keys.  We are working in conjunction with the Coral Restoration Foundation.  SCUBA certification is necessary.  We can arrange for anyone, aged 10 and over, to become certified at the lowest rates in town.




July 6, 7, 8, 2018

Stingray Survey: Grand Cayman

Dr. Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation


BEACH CLEAN UP: officially over for 2020 - stay tuned for our next season beginning March 2021!

​Weekly beach clean-ups during turtle season:  Vista Park Beach, Ft. Lauderdale.  You can clean up any beach and help nesting mother turtles and the hatchlings on their journey back to the sea.  Trash can mimic food and obstacles in the sand can hinder their ability to find their way to and from the ocean.  Remember, turn off the lights along the beach from March - October or the turtles become disoriented!


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