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Students are always welcomed

to help out with our sessions,

parties, or to volunteer feeding

and caring for the animals. Our "No Mangrove = No Man" project is always ongoing. The next transplant will be 2018 Fall or Winter


Children of all ages are welcome to join the Wild Over Wildlife, or WOW! Club.


Dues are optional, but any donation is deeply appreciated.


100% of all proceeds goes towards animals and their habitats.


Dr. Dana Fahey is the club's advisor and primary educator.  The children are not only taught about the animals, but also get a geography lesson as our animals are from all over the world.


Guests are always making appearances to share their wealth of knowledge and bring a different variety of exotic animals to be experienced by the children.


Dana is a practicing dentist, has a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology,

and is a lifelong conservationist.


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