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                    Donation History and Significant Events                                                                                             Summer 2021:

                 5/30-6/6/21 Exuma: Studying the marine sanctuaries and the relationship between it and biodiversity in the Bahamian archipelago.

Spring 2021:

                 "Water Break" campaign - providing reusable water bottles to athletic teams in South Florida in an attempt to reduce single use plastic bottle usage and decrease landfill waste.

Fall 2020:

                 Partnering with Peru's H2Oceano on sustainable practices       

Summer 2020:

With beach reopening, Turtle Tuesdays begin! We'll provide masks and gloves for all volunteers as we cleanbeaches in preparation for                   turtle hatchling season to begin.

December, 2019: 

                  Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Film Festival Winner: "Tangled" working with Clearwater Marine Aquarium to                                raise awareness about the dangers of irresponsible fishing practices

Fall 2019: Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots mini-grant recipients for projects:

             "Give a Sip" (eliminating plastic drinking straws),

             "Take Ten for Turtles" (sea turtle awareness campaign)

             "Just Bag It!" promoting reusable shopping bags.

Fall 2019:

               Transplanting and harvesting mangroves as "No Mangrove = No Man" enters into its 6th year

June 21, 2019:

               Derek Petrisko, Christian Petrisko and Lily Tougas are awarded Congressional Gold Medals and STEM Stars

January, 2019:

               Nature's Generation grant recipients for "Just Bag It" which used funds to purchase reusable grocery store bags

July 5, 2019:

              Behind the Scenes at Busch Gardens, working on behalf of endangered giraffe species

December, 2018: Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Film Festival Winners:

               "Ghosts" (High School division, raising awareness about ghost traps) and "Rethink" (Middle School Division, about plastic                   pollution impacting the ocean)

July 3 - 8, 2018:

               Stingray Survey, with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

December, 2017: YOCS film festival winners:

              "Giant Problems for Giants" (High School) and "Six" (Middle School)

August 26, 2017:

              Shark Research at University of Miami with Youth Making Ripples; adopted our tiger shark "Aumakua" has                                           surgically placed acoustic tag

August 12, 2017: Spoil Island Mangrove Restoration: Nearly 5000 red mangroves have now been planted in our "No Mangrove = No               Man" project

July 27, 2017: Sharkwater Christening

July 18 - 26: Expedition Costa Rica: promoting shark fin petition, filming predators, rainforests and cloud forests and mangrove                        ecosystems

WOW works on shark fin petition, launched with CREMA and FinsAttached:                      export-of-8-tons-of-stockpiled-hammerhead-shark-fins/


Congressional Go Pro Challenge finalists: Christian, Derek, Landon, Lily Trent 

January 2017: Youth Making Ripples Film Festival "Tag" wins middle school, Prochlorococcus finalist high school division

               Busch Gardens filming, giraffes, sloth

December 8, 2016: YOCS, Tag wins film festival, middle school division

10/16: Howl-O-Ween Ball is now Sharktoberfest! Hundreds of dollars were raised for shark protection, Sharks4Kids came out and                     Shark Mom, of the Shark Whisperer!


              105 acres of rainforest purchased in Nepal for protection of the Red Panda

Farallon Islands whale watching

Monterrey Bay Aquarium

August 1, 2016:

              Work with One Ocean Diving filming and documenting Galapagos sharks, $300 raised for shark protection

July 28, 2016: $300 raised for manta ray protection, Kona, HI

Take Ten for Turtles:

             July, 2016 Premiere at Guy Harvey Research Institute followed by hatchling release, $300 raised for NSU turtle                                    research and Broward County Sea Turtle Organization

June: Environmental Excellence Winners: Christian, Derek, Landon, Lilly and Trent!

April 2 - 3 2016

            Weekend with OCEARCH!

            Dinner and a fascinating lecture at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens by Chris Fischer, Founding Chairman and Expedition                   Leader of OCEARCH. OCEARCH shares real-time data through their Global Shark Tracker, which inspires current and future             generations of explorers, scientists, and stewards of the ocean. It enables leading researchers and institutions to generate                       previously unattainable data.

           Tour of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, rated among the top 25 facilities in the country.

           Private tour of the OCEARCH vessel by Brandon Eyre and Captain Brett McBride. 

January 22, 2016:

            Beneath the Waves / Youth Making Ripples Film Festival, Gleason auditorium at Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne,               FL.

            Man and Manatee (High School), The Real Shark Attack (Middle School), and Take Ten for Turtles (Elementary School) were             all finalists.

           The WOW! films were winners of Best Scientific Message for High School and Middle School.

           They have won an upcoming outing with SeaKeepers for an ocean expedition using professional camera equipment and the                   latest in marine science technology went to Christian Petrisko and Lilly Tougas for High School; Derek Petrisko, Brian                         Washburn, and Taylor Betts for Middle School.

February 5, 2016

              WOW! receives two mini-grants from the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit.

              Project: Mangrove Restoration is funded for another year, trying to spread our seedlings across the state and into classrooms                 in Florida.

              Photography project is funded - raising awareness by capturing wildlife on film.

November 14, 2015:

               Wild Over Wildlife films sweep the YOCS International Film Festival!  Christian Petrisko, Lilly Tougas, and Molly Phillips                  won the high school division with "Man and Manatee."  Derek Petrisko, Brian Washburn, and Taylor Betts won the middle                  school competition with "The Real Shark Attack."  Finally, Landon Petrisko, Trent Tougas, and Stephen Seckinger took the                  honors in the elementary divsion with their "Take Ten for Turtles."  

November 14, 2015:

              Youth Ocean Conservation Summit: WOW! presents "Mangroves" and "Native Florida Species" to over 200 participants, and               donated 200 of their Native Florida Species calendars, over a $1,000.00 value, to YOCS participants.


November 6, 2015:

             Executive Board Members Lilly and Trent Tougas are honored by winning the Loggerheard Marinelife Center's Blue                            Hatchling award for their work in ocean conservation!


October 13, 2015

The Howl-O-Ween Ball was a huge success!  758 acres of Liberian Rainforest were protected with our donation through the Rainforest Trust.  The party was featured on Kids4Rainforest, the web magazine the Rainforest Trust sponsors!  Way to go - it was a real "Trunk or Treat" event for the WOW! children who got to meet some of our rainforest dwellers up close and personal!  The land is for the protection of Liberian elephants and chimpanzees, along with many other species, as part of the Gola National Forest Preserve.


August 3, 2015:

Fifty red mangrove seedlings were replanted at FIU's Biscayne Campus.  The mangroves were grown by WOW! for 9 months and a new project is already underway for next year.  We are working with Environmental Coordinator, Nick Ogle, to restore the mangrove forest which was destroyed when Australian Pines were planted in the area decades earlier.


May - August 2015:

Nature excursions around Florida for photography of native Florida species for the 2016 calendar.


April 4, 2015:

Shark tagging with Guy Harvey Research Institute, NSU, and The Shark Whisperer Organization.


February 14, 2015:  

Miami International Boat Show

Premier of Guy Harvey's Panama Paradise

Discussion with Guy Harvey:  Tiger Beach, tagging


January 2015: 

Ecotourism expedition to Crystal River for documentation of manatees and photo shoot for calendar


January 2015:

Wild Over Wildlife receives two minigrants from the  Youth Ocean Conservation Summit for an ocean-theme photo calendar and the mangrove restoration project


December 2014:

Wild Over Wildlife begins mangrove restoration project in conjunction with FIU


November 8, 2014:

Sarasota, FL

WOW! Club attends Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

Wild Over Wildlife's "Watch It, Don't Botch It!" conservation film on ecotourism wins 2nd place at the High School level,  

Youth Ocean Conservation Summit


November 2014:

Beach clean-up, shark awareness meeting, Wildlive Voice, Project Aware, Project Seahorse, Rising Tide, Shark Whisperer Organization unite at Blue Heron Bridge and Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventure 


November 7 2014:

Christian, Derek, and Landon Petrisko win the Loggerhead Marinelife Center's Blue Hatchling Award,
Go Blue luncheon at PGA National


October 17, 2014:

Wyland Galleries

Christian, Derek, and Landon Petrisko named Ambassadors of the Planet by the marine life artist, Wyland


October 11, 2014:

Howl-O-Ween Ball

50 acres of Madagascar Rainforest purchased through the Rainforest Trust


August 12, 2014:

Shark Conservation Fundraiser


August 2, 2014:

Donation:  Mermaids 4 Life


July 28, 2014:

Donation:  Tortugranje, Isla Mujeres, Mexico for turtle conservation efforts.


July 26, 2014:

Whale Shark Festival and Expedition:  Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The Petrisko boys gained footage and are working on a video to be used to advocate for the oceans worldwide.  They hope to launch a campaign 

to reach children of the Far East that will change their perception of 

sharks, dolphins, manta rays and whales and promote ecotourism.


June 27, 2014:

Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures Project Seahorse:  Blue Heron Bridge - teaching the next generation of conservationists to swim, snorkel and SCUBA dive so they can share in our passion for the beautiful animals who live in our oceans.


June 24, 2014:

Donation to Rainforest Trust Sierra del Divisor project, 100 acres purchased to preserve land of the highest conservation priortiy along the Peru - Brazil border.


June 11, 2014:

Donation to Companion Birds Ministries


June 8, 2014: 

Donation to "Alex's Lemonade Stand" as WOW! supporter and actress, Bailee Madison, works with this charity to help find a cure for children with cancer.


April 12, 2014:

Peaceful protest against Shark Fin Soup with fellow conservationists:  

Jim Abernethy, Sara the Shark Whisperer, and members of the Wyland Foundation.


February 23, 2014:

Christian Petrisko recipient:  The Shark Whisperer Kidz Conservation Award at the Blue Wild show at the Broward Convention Center.


February 16, 2014:

WOW! Club working with Florida Shorebird Alliance in the winter shore bird count, covering Ft. Lauderdale Beach

February 12 - 13, 2014:

WOW! Camp:  Raising awareness and taking donations for Jim Abernethy’s Project Seahorse


February 10, 2014:

Operation Blue Pride launches Operation Blue Pride:  Florida Chapter and officially begins its Youth Mentorship Program to partner with Wild Over Wildlife aiming to get children diving with veterans, raising awareness for conservation and preservation issues off of south Florida’s coast


February 8, 2014: 

Meeting with marine life artist and fellow conservationist:  Wyland Gallery Grand Opening - Las Olas


January 30, 2014:  

WOW! members attend the premiere of Guy Harvey’s “Whale Sharks of the Yucatan”


January 6, 2014:

Captain Slate’s Creature Feature dive:  Wild Over WIldlife club officers raise awareness for sharks with several shark conservationists from Operation Blue Pride, The Shark Whisperer Organization, and marine life 

photographer Jim Abernethy


January 5, 2014:

Wild Over Wildlife dive with The Coral Restoration Foundation to transplant corals from an offshore nursery to Pickl Reef

Premiere of “Operation:  Blue Pride” movie at The History of Diving Museum, Islamorada, FL

WOW! club is asked to be part of the OBP Youth Mentorship Program

Donation made to Operation Blue Pride


January 4, 2014:

Stand-up Paddleboard tour with The Shark Whisperer Organization at FL Keys SUP in Islamorada


December 15, 2013:

“Blue Christmas Party” and “Let There Be Peace On Earth”

Party was to raise awareness for Operation Blue Pride shark advocates 

and The Peace Reef Project


December 10, 2013:

Donation to The Nature Conservancy for their Everglades Restoration Project


October 30, 2013:

Movie:  “Tigershark Express” premiere and private “meet and greet” with Dr. Guy 

Harvey, leading shark researchers Dr. Mahmood Shivlj and Dr. Derek Burkholder for Wild Over Wildlife members

Donation made to The Shark Whisperer Organization 


October 26, 2013:  

“Howl-O-Ween Ball” raising funds and awareness for The Shark Whisperer Organization and The Nature Conservancy’s Everglades project


September 28, 2013:

Shark Savers meeting, donation 


September 27, 30: 

Photo Shoot for Children in Charity:  On the Right Track

Boca Raton Observer magazine


September 26, 2013:

Loggerhead Marinelife Center donation for PGA Go Blue Cocktail Party


September 18, 2013:

Christian, Derek, and Landon Petrisko:  Finalists for 2013 Blue Ambassador       Loggerhead Marinelife Center Go Blue Awards:  The recipient of this award exemplifies significant local contributions in marine conservation through volunteer-related activities.


September 8, 2013:

Participated in the Coral Foundation’s restoration of Pickel Reef by transplanting corals from their nursery in Tavernier to the reef


August 2013:  

Donation to Defenders of Wildlife for symbolic adoption of a shark

  Donation to Coral Restoration Foundation in support of reef preservation

  Donation to the Coral Reef Alliance for coral reef restoration

  Donation to REEF

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club

Donation to National Wildlife Federation

Donation to “The Outpost” in Florida City

Jr. SCUBA certification


July 2013: 

Derek Petrisko:  runner-up:  Oceana Ocean’s Hero Award


Donation in support of Oceana’s marine conservation campaigns

Donation to Ann Kolb Nature Preserve for turtle conservation

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Petition filed to have recycling bins placed at Holiday Park

Adoption of a coral reef through Nature Conservancy


June 2013:   

Donation to Expedition Florida 500, sponsoring Justin Riney’s expedition around Florida, day:  6/23

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Presentation by Companion Birds Ministries and donation to their charity


May 2013:  

Donation to the Shark Whisperer Organization for their 5/18 fundraiser 

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Derek Petrisko:  Shark Whisperer’s first Kidz Conservation Award winner


April 2013:  

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Derek presents research on the Smalltooth Sawfish to 4th grade at CCS


December 2012:  

Donation: Shark Whisperer Organization and presentation to WOW! Club

Donation to Wildlife Care Center / SPCA

Donation World Land Trust for land preservation


November 2012:

Presentation by Companion Birds Ministries and donation to their charity


October 2012:

The annual “Howl-O-Ween Ball” proceeds enabled the club to purchase 15 acres of a South American rainforest through the World Land Trust with the help of a matching donor.  


September 2012:  

WOW! Club at the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


August 2012:  

Donation to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Donation to Ann Kolb Nature Preserve for turtle conservation

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


July 2012:  

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Donation and attendance of Shark Saver meeting


June 2012:

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


May 2012:  

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


April 2012:  

Donation to Pennies for the Planet

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


March 2012:

Donation to Amphibian Ark


October 2011:

Donation to the International Primate Protection League and adoption of a Gibbon named Courtney


September 2011:  

WOW! Club at the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up


August 2011:

Donation to Ann Kolb Nature Preserve for turtle conservation


July 2011:

Donation to Gumbo Limbo

Assist Gumbo Limbo release of juvenile green sea turtle

Beach Clean-up by WOW! Club at Red Reef Park


April 2011:

Pennies for the Planet Honor RollGumb

Gumbo Limbo tour for WOW! Club, donation

Beach Clean-up Red Reef Park

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

March 2011:

Petitioned to have recycling bins placed in George English Park

Donation to save manatees after “March of the Manatees” meeting


January 2011:

Christian Petrisko named Humane Society’s KIND Kid of the Year

KIND=Kid In Nature’s Defense

Donation to Parrot Trust to stop the illegal bird trade


December 2010:

Tour and donation:  Broward County Humane Society


November 2010: 

Donation to National Wildlife Federation


October 2010:

Donation for a symbolic adoption of a wolf, Defenders of Wildlife


August 2010:

Donation to Haulover Beach for turtle conservation

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


July 2010: 

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Volunteer for manatee sightings


June 2010:

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event


May 2010:

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Petitioned to have recycling bins placed on Vista Park Beach and in 

baseball dugouts at Bayview Park


April 2010:

Local beach clean-up by WOW! Club, weekly event

Donation to, captive breeding program started for fire belly newts

March 2010:

Petition against long line fishing

Save the Manatee donation


February 2010:

Tour and donation to Panther Ridge, Wellington, FL


January 2010:

Petition started against 3 local restaurants serving Shark Fin Soup

Together Green and National Audubon Society named Christian, Derek

and Landon Petrisko as “Heroes”


November 2009:

Donation to National Wildlife Federation


October 2009:

Adoption of a Florida Panther through Defenders of Wildlife


September 2009:

WOW! Club at Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up

Adoption of Right Whales Baldy and Bugs through New England Aquarium

Petition to lower ship speeds to reduce fatalities with whales


August 2009:

Donation to Haulover Beach for turtle conservation program

Adoption of Fee Bee, Gumbo Limbo satellite-tracked loggerhead turtle





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